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  • Where can I volunteer to sew or fit ball gowns for girls who are in financial difficulties?

    April 17th, 2010 by RLove.us Admin

    I have heard of a “Cinderella Project” that gives dresses to “underprivileged” girls. I want to volunteer to help. I sew and can tailor. I live near Tulsa , OK Any contacts or ideas?

    7 Responses to “Where can I volunteer to sew or fit ball gowns for girls who are in financial difficulties?”

    1. Steve B Says:

      I would like to begin, the local high school to draw. If everyone knows they should.

    2. soobee Says:

      Try the PTA in secondary schools of the student union or localesessayez équivalentessayez local churches or religious organizations, but often, those who in need

    3. brendagho Says:

      I want to address some of the local high schools to see if there are projects like this in your area. also call a shelter for women, as can girls who can live or audio to be in a position to tell you somewhere.

    4. JS Says:

      That such an idea! You need the local school. Although there are no plans in your area, you should still offer your services. Start something, and maybe you can add more volunteers to help! Perhaps the school has a way to display your data. You should also call your local community appeal, they are sometimes kept informed local charities and projects. Regardless, I wish you good luck! I really admire what you do.

    5. Spanky Says:

      Try the local Shriners Club. If they can send you to the right person, they could at least give yourself a funny hat.

    6. welches_grape_jelly Says:

      What a good idea! I had never heard of cela.Certains sites: http://www. cinderellaproject. net / http://www. cinderelladreams. net / http://www. fairygodmothersinc. com / index. htmlhttp: / / www. Prom-will-inc. org / Donations_Content. html

    7. montessori gold coast Says:

      Derek Michael Walls, the leader of the Search and Rescue Corps, was arrested Friday on charges of false imprisonment and sexual battery on the 16-year-old …