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  • A Song of Hope: The People for Obama (Nacole Palmer)

    August 7th, 2010 by RLove.us Admin

    Dedicated with love and thanks to Susan, Paul, Carla, Robert, Evan, Chris, Crystal, Pete, Daniel, Carol, Ellie, Penny, Martin, Alan, Ahmed, Ersula, Atina, Mark, Hans, Jack, Robert W., Jeremy, Ryan, and ALL of the volunteers and campaign workers in Bristol and around the country. Yes We Did!! Love, Nacole ————— Hey folks, This month, I’ve been volunteering for the Obama campaign. It has been really inspiring to see hundreds of people doing everything they can to work toward a common goal…which is changing the course of our country from the mess it’s in to the healthier, safer, happier country we love and know is possible. In fact, I’ve been so inspired by the experience of volunteering in Pennsylvania that I wrote a little song! Well, technically, I re-wrote the lyrics to a song–Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah. It’s a pro-Obama, hope-filled reflection on what real people in America are thinking and experiencing these days, and it touches on a lot of the issues that shape our world right now: 9-11, the war, the economy, and our hope for change, which rests in Barack Obama. I am trying to do everything I can to help make sure Obama gets elected as President, and you can too! Go to action.barackobama.com to learn about how to get involved. My hopes and prayers are that Barack Obama will be elected so that we can start to heal the country we love. Peace, Nacole email: nacole.palmer@yahoo.com Here are the lyrics to the 4 and a half verses we recorded (taken from the

    18 Responses to “A Song of Hope: The People for Obama (Nacole Palmer)”

    1. nacolepalmer Says:

      Hi @ Christy789001 Christy. I’m glad you saw the song and I thank you for your note. However, I am sorry to say that you misunderstood the words and spirit of the song. When you hear the words, there is no praise of Obama or any other person in the song. “Hallelujah” for me symbolizes hope. And this song embodies the hope that our wars will end, that the wounds of 11.9, the economic crisis is solved to heal, as our children grow up in a peaceful and loving. So I say Amen.

    2. christy789001 Says:

      Wow, it’s terribly disturbing. Why in the world praising Obama!? Who is God? God has done more than Obama ever has or will do. It makes me sad, as you say Hallelujah to him. How dare yall! I would definitley praying for you all.

    3. clipedwingangel Says:

      Thank you, every breath that I now got a present from my brothers and sisters on this day I do not have the ability. Obama came with the hope that we meet not lose many more heroes. To date we have lost over 802nd But Hallelulaj for every breath that I get to be able to enjoy not only my children. I share your message with my beautiful 11:09 Community. Thank you for not forgetting and to keep positive.

    4. tlootloo Says:

      An actor is illuminated on the stage the vieportant a mask of an angel in a robe of démon.Prétexte smiled the room full of brilliant lifeAnother hope that this is wrong.,,, A black savior, where nothing other than progress Judas.Un inclusion of nations, the conduct of the war lamentableDerrière dress and the wings of hope nylonOh that those who look at you, you see êtes.Obama is no hope please think is distractionS’il

    5. aspirant77 Says:

      Nacole, which is absolutely amazing! Goosebumps every time I hear it. Pete

    6. trcgfnfl Says:

      I thought it was great. pleuré.et crying and yes, Hallelujah !!!!!

    7. paulhamp5 Says:

      Wonderful! And thank you for coming to help, Bristol – we are reconnaissants.Hampel Paul and Suzanne

    8. msbrewdog Says:

      Message excellent and well sung!

    9. dyamarick Says:

      Great Song Nacole, you’re gifted. But the use of the biblical word “Hallelujah” and attach it to Barry Obama is disturbing. Study of its alliances, strategies and consultation documents as you work your voice, and you will change your music. A beautiful voice Nacole. Best wishes to you that you do your homework. Remember, alliances, strategies, and note the vote. This state of mind of Barak will not sing theraputic for America if our enemies can be good, “Hallelujah”.

    10. ochresalad Says:

      hal was read Yah!

    11. RaeneDay Says:

      Wept and wept. Thank you.