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Mushrooms may help you fight off aging | Rising Leaders’ Organization of Volunteers for the Elderly.
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  • Mushrooms may help you fight off aging

    November 28th, 2017 by RLove.us Admin

    In the journal Food Chemistry there is a new study that has been published that suggests that there are 2 kinds of antioxidants that are found in mushrooms that can improve health. The lead researcher of this article is Robert Beelman and the author is Michael D. Kalaras. When it comes to those 2 antioxidants mushrooms are already known to be the highest source of those 2. With there being so many different kinds of mushrooms, different types of mushrooms have different amounts of the antioxidants. It is mentioned that more common mushrooms had lesser concentrations of the 2 antioxidants, while other mushrooms are packed with them. There also found a correlation between countries that have higher amounts of the 2 antioxidants in their diets have less neurodegenerative incidences. Though this is just an observation, it is something very interesting to think about. This article also discusses the free radical theory of aging. To see a more in depth view of the information gathered and their results please see the full article. 


    To see full article please click the link below. 


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