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Why Retirement Makes Seniors Frugal (and Why That May Be a Problem) | Rising Leaders’ Organization of Volunteers for the Elderly.
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  • Why Retirement Makes Seniors Frugal (and Why That May Be a Problem)

    November 10th, 2017 by RLove.us Admin

    It is a strange thing to hear that being frugal with your retirement funds may be a problem, isn’t it? Just because a senior is not living large it does not mean that they don’t have the means to do so. According to the article seniors that have higher incomes are being to frugal in their retirement  which can have a negative impact on the economy. A reason that seniors may be living too frugally is because they had been working their whole life to save up for retirement and when the time comes to touch the money that was previously untouchable, it can be a scary thing. This thought process shows that it can also be a psychological issue as well. Other factors are the cost of health care and the fact that people are living longer now contributes to that thought. To see more information regarding extreme dangers of frugality and other finding please see the full article. 


    To see the full article please click the link below. 


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