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    Kids Volunteer to Aid Seniors & the Needy in Society via R Love.us When my grandma explained how many elderly men and women were often abandoned by their friends and families once they were hospitalized, I (Prayerna/ co-founder RLove.us) realized that I could help both my peers and many other high school students, in addition to the elderly... read more

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  • Three ways to avoid being lonely this Christmas

    December 13th, 2017 by RLove.us Admin

    In older adults loneliness is becoming a major issue, it even leaves some people saying that their television is their main companion. Around 80% of home care residents are lonely. There are about 1 million seniors in the UK that can go close to a month without speaking to anyone, which in turn leaves them desperately lonely. The holiday season is coming up which is time for families to come together and enjoy Christmas and New Year’s Eve, but for some older adults it isn’t the happiest season of all. There are studies that link loneliness physical and mental health problems. This article lists 3 alternatives for seniors to consider this holiday season, so that they are surrounded by good company. These suggestions are based in the UK but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t similar events going on near you.


    To see full article please click the link below. 


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